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ISRI Time Capsule: The China Factor

As the new millennium began, China started stepping up its scrap purchases on the international market, and ISRI noticed that trend. Scrap magazine increased its reporting on all things China, including articles titled “Dealing With the Dragon” in 2000,
July12LUTimeCapsuleChinaFactor“The Paper-Hungry Dragon” in 2002, and--most notably--an award-winning, three-part “Scrap in China” series in 2003 by Shanghai-based freelance writer Adam Minter. Also in 2003, ISRI offered a half-day workshop at its annual convention on trade with China. That workshop “drew many comments voicing concern over the effect of trade with China on domestic businesses,” said ISRI Chair Charles “Cricket” Williams at the time. “In some instances, said some of these concerned voices, entire domestic manufacturing sectors have collapsed. Raw materials suppliers to these sectors are obviously affected.” That year’s ISRI Commodities Roundtable Forum also featured a workshop on China’s growing influence on world markets. ISRI’s focus on China would continue to expand throughout the decade as that nation established itself as the world’s preeminent scrap buyer. (More on China in subsequent Time Capsules.)

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