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Tire Division Welcomes New Members

Due to ISRI’s tireless work in supporting the tire recycling industry through its efforts to advocate the benefits of crumb rubber, the Tire Division has seen a great expansion in the number of tire recyclers joining the Division.

We would like to welcome all of the new Tire Division members that have joined over the last six months. Please take a moment to reach out to them and welcome them to the Division.

  • Jake Alexander                 Genan, Inc.
  • Tom Miller                          IMC Outdoor Living
  • Art Dodge                           Ecore International
  • Sako Beudjekian              BAS Recycling, Inc.
  • David Seaton                     Seaton Enterprises, Inc.
  • Arianna Ramberg             Recycle Management, LLC
  • Matt Troyer                        Entech

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