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Legal Council Speaker to Address Cyber Security Pitfalls and Protocols at Summer Meeting

Companies are increasingly storing and using personal data about employees, vendors, and more.

While such data brings great value, it also poses risks in storing and protecting it. Ever-evolving and persistent cyber threats make it imperative for companies to stay informed, create policies and procedures, and plan. During the summer Legal Council Meeting, Julia Kernochan Tama, a Partner at Venable LLP in Washington, DC in the Privacy and Data Security Practice will discuss the following:

  • Common mistakes and top tips for addressing cyber threats on a limited budget; 
  • Preparing for the possibility of a data breach;
  • Incident response plans: the basics; 
  • Contracting and outsourcing: who, when, and how; 
  • Legal and technical frameworks for setting cyber priorities; 
  • Cybersecurity should be an organizational mandate, not just something IT is left to handle; 
  • Information breach: confidentiality, integrity, and availability; 
  • Know key information security dangers: hacktivists, insiders, environmental; 
  • Cyber-breach ramifications: financial, reputational, legal; and 
  • Basic security protocols.

Please join us on July 17 at 4:00 p.m. ET. For those of you who are not able to be there in person, webinar details will be sent out to the Legal Council members in advance of the meeting. For more information, please contact Shelley Backstrom.

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