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Chairman’s Message

The convention has, once again, come and gone but there are still ways for you to learn what happened during and get some insight on the perspectives of others.

GregDixonSpecifically, on the ferrous side you watch the Spotlight on Ferrous session where John Harris of Arristic and Becky Hites of Steel Insights shared their thoughts on the World’s Steel situation and the impact it will have on scrap both today and in the future. I think that you should always take the opportunity to attend the convention and other events if you are able to, the networking, equipment booths, and new ideas are worth the trip.

Summer has arrived, and I feel the heat from tariffs that the steel industry has been able to get in place. These, along with an automotive industry that continues to hang in there, have gotten us to a place where it is actually ok to think of stable markets. Ironically, I find that the markets have settled back into the regional sections like they have done in the past, where supply and demand set the tone in each region. Our industry has continued to evolve into this very complex world of large companies competing against “mom and pop” companies even though our history is one of small family-owned operations. So, I look forward to 10 -20 years down the road to see what the next development may be in the industry known as “recycling.”

As I close this segment of the Ferrous Beat, I want to remind you of the upcoming Board and Governance Meetings in DC. I cannot put into words the importance of establishing relationships with your Members of Congress. The small steps of visiting the offices to meet staff and possibly the Members themselves, can provide insight as to why they think the way they do, and potentially how you can help them understand an issue that will impact you. We forget, that not everyone has a clear understanding of our industry; so many times we need to be able to reach out to the contact we made last year to get the opportunity to discuss the impact certain legislation may have on our industry.


Greg Dixon
ISRI Ferrous Division Chair

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