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Plastics Division Explores Solutions to Ocean Debris

At the last ISRI Plastics Division meeting, members heard from Eric DesRoberts, manager of the Trash Free Seas Program at the Ocean Conservancy.

His report, outlined a sobering view of the magnitude of the amount of plastic entering the planet’s waterways. The amounts are staggering – 99.5 million tons of plastic waste discovered on the planet’s coastline, 8 million tons entered the ocean, with 6 thousand tons found floating on the surface. Plastics recycling can play a major role in reducing these numbers. To this end, ISRI’s Plastics Division has embarked upon an effort to educate the association’s members about the magnitude of the problem. The presentation from Mr. DesRoberts and the June 1 webinar (listed above) represent ISRI’s initial efforts by the Plastic Division to deliver information about this issue and educate the membership on how they can be part of the solution. Recycling can play a major role in reducing the amount of plastic entering the ocean by ensuring it is properly recycled and returned to commerce in the form of feedstock for the manufacture of new goods. If you’re interested in learning how you can be of assistance, please contact Jonathan Levy at (202) 662-8530.

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