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ISRI to Serve on Chemical Data Reporting Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

ISRI received and accepted a formal invitation from EPA Administrator Pruitt to serve a two-year term on the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Negotiated Rulemaking Committee mandated by

the Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (LCSA). As a Committee member, ISRI is representing ISRI members that produce inorganic byproducts (e.g., metal oxides from metal melting operations) or consume them (e.g., converting byproduct metal oxides back to metal). The existing CDR rules and guidance for inorganic byproducts are complex, ambiguous, and burdensome. ISRI seeks to reduce or eliminate reporting requirements for such inorganic byproducts. Previously, pending formal invitation, ISRI had been unofficially involved in the activities leading to the development of this Committee after submitting comments to EPA and being interviewed for Committee membership earlier this year.

The Committee’s role is to inform EPA’s development of “a proposed rule providing for limiting the reporting requirements […] for manufacturers of any inorganic byproducts, when such byproducts, whether by the byproduct manufacturer or by any other person, are subsequently recycled, reused, or reprocessed” (Sec. 8(a)(6), Toxic Substance Control Act as amended by LCSA). Committee membership includes representatives of byproduct producers, users, and consumers, states, tribes, and environmental groups. Committee members will work to reach a consensus on regulatory language for limiting reporting requirements for these inorganic byproducts.

The Committee met officially for the first time late last week at EPA’s Headquarters and has a few more meetings scheduled later this year. All meetings are open to the public, but attendance by Committee members and the public is available only in-person (i.e., there is no remote attendance). Committee information is available at EPA’s website.

For more information about Committee activities, please contact David L. Wagger, Chief Scientist / Director of Environmental Management at (202) 662-8533.

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