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Business Management Webinar Series Underway

ISRI kicked off the first of a series of webinars that will run throughout the remainder of the year that focus on general business tips and ideas to help you keep track of your time and manage your focus.

The webinar, “Strategies for Eliminating Overwhelming Situations” was broadcast on June 6 and is now available in the video archive. Along with the video, a handout was made available. The presentation was given by Terry Monaghan, CEO of Time Triage. Terry’s presentation focused on helping individuals identify and take steps to eliminate sources of stress that may cause you to lose time and focus. Upcoming webinars will discuss items such as how to manage constant interruptions, take control of your e-mail, and how to delegate tasks to your team. The full calendar for this series of webinars can be found in ISRI’s Live Learning Center.

Please contact Jonathan Levy for questions and additional details.

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