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Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Message

The Safety of lithium-based batteries has attracted much media and legal attention so it is no surprise that it has been a hot topic with ISRI members.
Newspaper articles announcing fires at scrap and salvage yards are often filled with supposition and hypotheses as to causes and often lithium ion batteries are mentioned as the possible culprits.

As these batteries are becoming more widespread ISRI members will likely be dealing with them for some time. Numerous stakeholders have become more involved in this issue due to safety concerns including the NWRA, SWANA, PBRA and there will be a meeting in mid - June to with the goal of identifying the “knowns of the issue so that any actions that might be initiated to  alleviate the problem can be done in a coordinated effort. Additionally, at the last ISRI Board meeting, in New Orleans, VP of Safety Terry Cirone spoke at various committee meetings and informed members that a Lithium Ion Task Force under the auspices of the Safe Operations Committee was being formed and would include members from the MRF council, the electronics committee and shredder committee with the goal of identifying the knowns and unknowns of lithium ion battery handling for scrap handlers and developing information and tools to help in the safe handling of said batteries.

For more information, contact Terry Cirone.

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