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Chairman’s Corner

Welcome and thanks for tuning in to this quarter’s eScrap Beat. The annual ISRI convention in New Orleans in April was an excellent event.

BillLongElectronicsThe Electronics Track panelists from leading recyclers, manufacturers, repair and asset management organizations, and equipment suppliers provided outstanding content and insights on a variety of topics including The Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, and Advanced Sorting Technology. It is clear how quickly our industry is racing forward into the worlds of internet explosion, converging technologies (such as the connected car, smart home), and renewed concerns over battery safety.

The ISRI Electronics Division is well positioned within ISRI to help meet the industry challenges with respect to “Right to ReUse” legislation and converging technologies where electronics become imbedded in products not traditionally considered electronics (including but not limited to lawn sprinklers and refrigerators). Also, ISRI staff and members from other divisions are well prepared and fully capable to provide leadership and support for legislative, regulatory, and commercial issues facing electronics recycling firms.

One of the major initiatives we will pursue this year is membership expansion. As you probably know, ISRI is a member driven organization that relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of members. Certainly, we need all the help we can get. On the other hand, I believe that many electronics recyclers will benefit greatly from joining when they understand the specific benefits that member companies receive including training programs, compliance consulting, excellent insurance programs in addition to the lobbying and regulatory support.

Our next two major events will be at the National State Legislators Conference (NCSL) this summer in Boston and the annual E-Scrap Conference put on by Resource Recycling September in Orlando where ISRI will participate and have a strong presence. I hope to see you soon.

Bill Long
ISRI Electronics Division Chair

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