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June 14 is Safety Stand-Down Day

In 2014, ISRI started its annual Safety Stand-down Day after recognizing recurring fatalities and critical injuries at facilities throughout the industry. ISRI reaffirmed safety as its core value and introduced Safety Stand-Down Day.

The term "safety stand-down" is used to describe a wide variety of activities where normal work is paused and the entire site focuses on a particular safety issue.

Companies are encouraged to shut down operations for at least one hour on every shift on Wednesday, June 14, to engage in safety education.

The safety education can be in any form, including:

  • Employee training;
  • Management walk-around;
  • Addressing company’s safety policy;
  • Toolbox talks by employees;
  • Presentations by equipment service providers; and/or
  • Any other effective safety training method.

Additionally, this year we are partnering with OSHA and encouraging ISRI members to consider undertaking at least one activity relevant to each of the three core aspects of a successful safety and health program: management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing workplace hazards. Potential program ideas are available for review.

Member facilities participating in Safety Stand-Down Day will be recognized on the ISRI-OSHA Alliance web page, and will receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment to safety, as well as a thumb drive of a year’s worth of Safety Tips. Please let us know if you participate by completing the ISRI 2017 Safety Stand-Down Day participation form.

Please contact Vice President of Safety Terry Cirone with any questions.

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