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Oregon Secretary of State Tours Schnitzer Facility

This past week, Schnitzer Steel Industries was pleased to host Oregon Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson, for a metals recycling facility tour in Portland, Oregon.

May17SchnitzerSecretaryOregonWhile Secretary Richardson is no stranger to Schnitzer or the recycling industry given his twelve years of service in the Oregon House of Representatives, it was his first time touring a major industrial recycling facility. ISRI suggested the value of visiting a recycling facility to Secretary Richardson during a recent National Lieutenant Governor’s Association (NLGA) meeting.

During his tour, Secretary Richardson commented that he was impressed by the immense scale of Schnitzer’s recycling operations. Peter Saba, Schnitzer Senior Vice President and General Counsel hosted the tour throughout which it was emphasized that recycling goes much farther than the blue curbside bin and has a significant impact on the nation’s gross domestic product, as well as the substantial local ripple effects the industry has on the economy. At the non-ferrous receiving dock, the Secretary was able to witness a transaction subject to the very metal theft laws he passed while in the Oregon House of Representatives, and to hear about the impact the laws have had on Schnitzer operations and on the industry as a whole. He also had the opportunity to meet a variety of employees in various positions and receive real-time, operations level explanations about the recycling process and the various products Schnitzer markets.

For information on ISRI’s work with the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association, the ISRI state policy program and how you could get involved, contact Danielle Waterfield

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