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What French Election Results Could Mean for Recyclers

En Marche! party candidate Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidential election run-off on May 7 and will take office before the end of this week. He secured 65 percent of the vote over his opponent, Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

Macron’s victory signals somewhat of a status quo in France and Europe – Macron believes in the EU common market, a signal he is pro-free trade. But in deference to rising nationalism, in the last days of the campaign, he said he would take a second look at existing EU free trade deals if “it is proven” those agreements are negative for EU and France. That could include the suspended U. S. -EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), of which he did not take any specific notice during the campaign. Otherwise, he embraces market liberalization and will continue to pursue important economic reforms, including on France’s labor system, but he will always have to be mindful of the rise of nationalism in France and around Europe. Looking ahead, French voters head to the polls again June 11 and 18 for parliamentary elections.

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