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ISRI’s SREA Program - A Valid Defense to SUPERFUND Liability (webinar: Monday)

Join us for a webinar on Superfund liability on Monday, May 15 at 11:00 a.m. ET! Superfund liability has cost businesses millions of dollars and forced many out of business altogether.

Fortunately, for recyclers, ISRI has a Member Benefit Program that can help provide a valid defense from liability - IF they do their due diligence. This webinar will walk you through generally what is Superfund liability, why the law can hold you accountable even you did not ship anything hazardous, how to help protect your company from liability, and how an exclusive ISRI Member Benefit Program can assist you in this matter – if you order before Open Season ends!

• What is Superfund?
• Why should it be important to me?
• About SREA “reasonable care”
• What is a SREA Report? And,
• How to order one

Who Should Attend
• Owners
• Company Executives
• Compliance Managers;
• Legal Counsels / Legal Departments

Thomas Casey, ISRI General Counsel
David Wagger, ISRI Chief Scientist/Director of Environmental Management
Shelley Backstrom, Assistant to ISRI’s General Counsel & Vice President, Government Relations

To register, please visit ISRI’s Live Learning Center.

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