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A Reminder on the Importance of Machine Safety Procedures

An auto insulation manufacturer in suburban Toledo faces stiff penalties after a U. S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation following a report that a machine amputated a 46-year-old worker's right hand, wrist and part of his forearm.

Investigators found the injury occurred while the worker at a North America was guiding waste materials into a shredding machine. His arm was caught in the machine's point of operation - a circular drum that shreds the fabric fibers for reuse. OSHA found the company failed to equip the machine with adequate safety guards when the injury occurred. The agency issued three willful and two repeated violations of machine safety procedures.

OSHA cited the company for:

  • Inadequate machine and point of operation guarding;
  • Failing to properly train workers on machine specific procedures for isolating energy sources;
  • No "locking out" equipment to prevent unintentional energization; and
  • Exposing workers to struck-by hazards from machine components.

This incident illustrates why companies must evaluate machine safety procedures to ensure they are adequate and effective in protecting workers from injuries on the job. ISRI members can find safety resources to address machine guarding and other safe operating procedures on the ISRI website.

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