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Trump Administration to Review Steel and Aluminum Impact on U.S. National Security

President Trump signed Presidential memorandums calling for a "Section 232" investigation into the national security implications of steel and aluminum imports on April 19 and April 27, respectively.

The memorandums refer to a rarely used section of U.S. trade law that allows for potential trade restrictions if imports of certain products are found to be threatening U.S. national security. As part of its review, the Administration is seeking public comments in writing by the end of May and will hold public hearings later this month. ISRI is preparing input that will inform the Administration about the role recyclers play in the metals supply chain and the potential implications of trade restrictions. ISRI is also exploring the opportunity to testify at the hearings. ISRI members are highly recommended to submit individual and personalized input according to the guidelines set out in the Federal Register Notice for Steel (the guidance on Aluminum was not published at the time of this writing). 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Adina Renee Adler, Billy Johnson, or Joe Pickard.

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