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ISRI Time Capsule: The Quest for Quality

Throughout the 1990s, scrap quality became a higher and higher priority for scrap consumers—and, hence, for their scrap suppliers.

TimeCapsuleQuality“Total quality management” and “statistical process control” became common lingo among scrap processors, some of whom began pursuing quality assurance programs such as Ford Motor Co’s Q1 and the ISO 9000 quality management system standard. “The message, it seems, is that quality is no longer something you can simply use your own subjective standards to claim; it’s becoming a trait based on adherence to specific criteria and procedures that can be judged in relatively objective terms,” noted ISRI’s Scrap magazine in 1993. This quality focus in the 1990s laid the foundation, in part, for ISRI to develop a quality, environmental, health, and safety management system standard specifically for the recycling industry in the 2000s.

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