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ISRI Defends U.S. Paper Scrap Recyclers in Response to Chinese Denouncement

On April 21, RISI focused on the impact of China’s National Sword and subsequent, related policy announcements about potentially banning “foreign waste” imports will have on the recovered paper market.

The article mischaracterized U.S. recovered paper quality as poor due to the U.S. system of “commingling [sic] it with household garbage.” In a response (accessible with RISI subscription) published this week, ISRI drew attention to its policy against co-mingling recyclables with solid waste and efforts to educate communities about what Material Recovery Facilities process. ISRI’s response also notes that Chinese recovered paper consumers demand high-quality materials. Data suggest that imports of U.S. recovered paper continues to be strong, which would not be the case if the quality was not up to their standards.

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