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U.S.-China Summit Could Have Impact on Recycling Industry

Last week, President Trump hosted his Chinese counterpart in Florida to develop their personal relationship and to create a new framework for dialogue between the world’s largest economies on the most critical economic and strategic issues.

Unlike the Presidential summits of previous Administrations, there is not much information to come out of this meeting. However, Trump is said to have pressed Xi on the trade imbalance caused by Chinese government intervention, and they agreed to a 100-day review of the economic “frictions” between the two countries. They created a Presidentially-led “U.S.-China Comprehensive Dialogue” as a forum to sort through disagreements, which may be an opportunity for ISRI to advocate for its members.

Furthermore, the media is reporting that Trump is planning to sign an executive order this month aimed at self-initiating anti-dumping and countervailing reviews; depending on the order’s language, it could be a direct aim at imports from China. On the foreign policy side, notwithstanding the Trump-Xi meeting taking place concurrently with events in Syria, the two leaders are said to be in agreement on the importance of denuclearizing North Korea to maintain stability in the region. This is a positive signal in that their shared view on the imperative for stability in the region is critical for the stability of the physical movement of commerce to and from Asia.

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