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Legal Council for Legal Counsels Speaker Announced

We are pleased to announce that Andrew E. Bigart – Counsel with the Financial Services and Non-Profit Associations Practice Groups of the law firm, Venable LLP will speak at the Legal Council for Legal Counsels Meeting on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. CST.

The meeting will take place in the Rex Room as part of the ISRI Board and Governance meetings during ISRI2017. Mr. Bigart will be speaking on issues relating to anti-trust, how it touches our members’ day-to-day business operations, and how to avoid violating the federal anti-trust laws. For those of you who do not regularly travel to the ISRI Board meetings, we will provide information for you to call-in or join the webinar online, giving you an opportunity to be an active part of the meeting. The Legal Council for Legal Counsels is free to join and there are no mandatory membership requirements placed those who sign up. Please invite your colleagues to join in the fun!

Any attorney of a member interested in joining the Legal Council for Legal Counsels, please forward your V-card to Shelley Backstrom or her at (202) 662-8508.

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