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ISRI Hosts First Hazard Recognition in the Recycling Industry Training

On March 30, ISRI Safety held its first “Hazard Recognition in Recycling” training class at ISRI member E.L. Harvey in Westboro, Massachusetts.

April5LUHarwoodTrainingThis class was developed with resources from the OSHA Susan Harwood grant award received in the fall of 2016 and the information provided in the class was reviewed by safety personnel from ISRI member companies.

Thirty-eight individuals attended the class from across the New England Chapter. Class participants received information relevant to scrap recyclers across all commodities including how to do a PPE hazard assessment, how-to recognize the hazards of and safely work around mobile equipment, the importance of proper PPE, and an understanding of the importance of the control of hazardous energy (LOTO), good housekeeping practices, recognizing fire hazards, and Hazard Communication programs. There was also a group activity at the end which was helpful in tying up all the safety information from the day. There was great interaction during the class and a lot of give and take which made for a positive outcome for participants.

 A special thank you to E.L. Harvey for providing the training classroom and food and drink for this ISRI activity. The “Hazard Recognition in Recycling” training class is being offered regionally to both ISRI and non-ISRI members. All levels of scrap recycling company employees are encouraged to attend. Contact Terry Cirone for scheduling information.

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