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International Auto Recycling Congress Emphasizes the Industry’s Drive Towards Zero Waste

Recyclers and auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are gearing up for the European Union’s directives to eliminate landfilling in the next 10-15 years, a major focal point of the 17th annual International Auto Recycling Congress (IARC) in Berlin March 22-24.

ISRI Senior Director for International Relations Adina Renee Adler interacted with speakers and exhibitors about new innovations to recycle just about every inch of an automobile, from the metal frame to the glass windscreen to the composite dash board and the rubber tires. The OEMs played a critical role in the discussion, talking about trends to incorporate recycled materials in the manufacture of new units while seeking new materials to make vehicles lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient. The EU’s End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) Directive is in place not just to enforce recycling but to improve waste management and stimulate innovation around Europe.

For more information, please contact Adina Renee Adler.

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