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Recycling Industry Recognized for Successful Education Outreach Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education plays a key role in future workforce development at the K-12 levels. Over the course of several years, ISRI has partnered with JASON Learning to develop a STEM-based curriculum focused on teaching recycling to school-age children.
STEMConnectorPanelThis past week, ISRI was invited to participate in a panel discussion with Jason Learning to tout how the recycling industry is a successful model of how using real-life examples in the classroom can in many cases better teach STEM. As part of the discussion, which was hosted by STEMconnector, Senior Director of Communications Mark Carpenter pointed to educational outreach programs by Pratt Industries, Sims Metal Management, Schupan & Sons, United Iron & Metal, Metal Source, and others. He illustrated how when recyclers partner with local schools, STEM can be brought to life for students by showing the many interesting applications it has in scrap recycling from shredding and sorting processes, to design for recycling in developing the latest technologies. For more information on ISRI’s efforts or how you can get involved with your local schools, please contact Vice President of Communications and Marketing Bob Ensinger or Mark Carpenter.

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