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Synthetic Turf Bills Return for 2017

Like the EPR bills in Connecticut, synthetic turf legislation has also returned for another try in 2017. We've created a report of all State Tire Legislation as of Thursday, March 16,

but you can also view all of these and other bills impacting the industry using ISRI's State Legislative Tracking System.

As of the time this was written, there were 11 bills in seven states directly targeting crumb rubber and synthetic turf; three EPR bills in Connecticut and one each in Vermont and Massachusetts that could impact how tires can be recycled and crumb rubber utilized; five in Maryland that actually authorize debt to install synthetic turf fields, and one memorial in New Mexico that would study the recycling and reuse of tires. If you have any questions about these or other synthetic turf issues, please reach out to Billy Johnson.

California AB 509: Repeals the current incentive program for local governments to use crumb rubber and creates a new incentive program that specifically prohibits the use of incentive money for synthetic turf infill or loose rubber nugget or mulch playgrounds.

CT HB 5800 & 5892: prohibiting bond funds for the installation of crumb rubber athletic fields or playgrounds on school grounds, parks, or state-owned property.

CT HB 6998: prohibiting the installation of ground cover containing shredded or ground rubber recycled from motor vehicle tires in municipal and public school playgrounds.(Not directly targeting, but would impact) HB 6325 & HB 6352: tire stewardship programs that impact how tires can be recycled and the crumb rubber utilized, as well as HB 7067, an EPR framework bill that could include tires.

Illinois SR 118: Resolution urging the state to monitor and participate in federal crumb rubber testing and to create a watch list of fields and playgrounds and post it on the IL EPA website.

MD HB 798, HB 806, HB 904, SB 596, & SB 1046: authorize the creation of debt for bonds for synthetic turf fields at various locations.

MD HB 1353: Establishes that limits on liability of a local government for damages sustained by an individual on an artificial or synthetic turf playing field owned or operated by local government do not apply, and bars the state from raising sovereign immunity as a defense for damages on a state-owned or operated field.

Massachusetts HB 435 (not directly targeting, but would impact): Establishes a commission on EPR to research and make recommendations on product stewardship for various products including tires as well as the creation of a framework structure that may be applied to any product.

Minnesota HF 1502 and SF 1172: Companion bills that require warning signs for crumb rubber athletic fields and playgrounds, a 2 year moratorium on construction for municipalities and on municipal-controlled land, and a 2 year review of recent studies on the health and environmental effects of crumb rubber in athletic fields and playgrounds. These bills are identical to companion legislation that was introduced last year.

New Mexico SM 43: Memorial requesting the study of recycling or reuse of waste materials. Recycling of used rubber tires and uses of the product is a designated topic for the study (may not directly impact issue, but no further details).

New York
NY SB 39: Public health study, 6 month moratorium on installation, and site specific environmental impact statements whenever installation is proposed.

NY SB 3280: Public health study.

Virginia HB 1500: Budget bill; Amendments - Item 298 #1h would require a public health study; however, this amendment has not been adopted.

Vermont HB 269: (not directly targeting, but would impact) Tire stewardship program that impacts how tires can be recycled and the crumb rubber utilized.

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