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Message From The Division Chair

Welcome to the first Tires and Rubber Beat of 2017! With the start of a new legislative session, we’ve been hard at work tracking and watching bills that may be harmful to your bottom line. We have two prime examples of this in the articles below and I’d ask each and every one of our readers to focus on them.

The two issues highlighted – Extended Producer Responsibility, and Synthetic Turf are issues we’ve seen before. And like the zombies in some low budget horror film, they keep coming back even though they’ve been killed before. The moral of the story is that we must remain ever vigilant for when these bills rear their ugly head. Extended Producer Responsibility (or EPR for short) is a concept that requires manufacturers to ensure a product is properly recycled, or disposed of, when it reaches its end of life. While the concept sounds benign, it is actually very detrimental to recycling. That’s because under these schemes, tire manufacturers would be responsible for determining how, when, and where scrap tires are recycled. As I’m sure every one of us can agree, none of us would want to entrust our future to another industry. But under these schemes that’s exactly what would happen.

The other issue, synthetic turf legislation, has returned in a big way and we will all have to pitch in to defeat this legislation in our home states. Of course all of this activity will be coordinated through ISRI’s Government Affairs Department so I’d ask you to contact Danielle Waterfield, senior director of government relations to get the scoop on our strategy before engaging in your state.

Our next Tire Division meeting will be during ISRI2017 , in New Orleans on April 23, and I ask all of our Division members to make an effort to attend. Also, as a reminder, I’d like to give Max Daughtrey, our Tire Chapter President a round of congratulations as he holds a Tire Chapter meeting the third Monday of every month. These Chapter calls are a great way for all of us to discuss what is happening in our states and how we can develop strategies, tools, and projects to help support and advance scrap tire recycling.

I look forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans!


Mark Rannie
ISRI Tire and Rubber Division Chair

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