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ISRI Chair Addresses Bureau of Middle East Recycling Annual Conference

ISRI Chairman Mark Lewon gave remarks on the trends in global recycling to a gathering of more than 400 global recyclers at the annual meeting of the Bureau of Middle East Recycling (BMR). Mark was well-received by members and non-members mainly from the Middle East, India, and Europe.

March15LUISRICHairAddressesBMR300Former ISRI Chairman Doug Kramer also attended, and RIOS™ Executive Director Darrell Kendall met with current and potential RIOS™ members. There is a tremendous amount of demand in the region for recycled materials, which is driving the development of regulations of these materials. It was very clear that ISRI’s leadership in specifications development and as a convening organization with BMR, members, and other stakeholders is critical to maintain the market growth opportunities in the region.

Please contact Senior Director for International Relations Adina Renee Adler with any questions.

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