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Message from the Nonferrous Division Chair

In a previous Leadership Update from ISRI President Robin Wiener, we sent out a note about the dangers of closed containers in your scrap packages. Containers such as aluminum cans, fire extinguishers, or crimped pipe can cause a very serious safety issue for consumers charging scrap.

Many consumers have specifications prohibiting these items from being included in acceptable packages. If moisture is trapped in a can, and that can goes into a furnace, the liquid inside can rapidly expand into a gas and cause an explosion. If you have never seen a video of how dangerous that can be, go to YouTube. Please make sure you communicate to your staff that others’ safety is at stake when they are baling and boxing up your scrap metal. More information can be found on the Aluminum Association’s website and if you have any questions or need more information about ISRI’s safety resources, contact Terry Cirone

At ISRI’s Annual Convention and Exposition in New Orleans, we will hold a Nonferrous Division meeting and I personally invite all members to attend. We will be discussing a request from India to modify some of our specifications. ISRI specifications are used worldwide to help determine what can and cannot be included in each of our scrap packages. We also have been working on amending some specs such as Candy, Birch, Cliff, and Berry (see below for details). If you know of any specs that need modification, please let us know prior to the convention so we can get it included in our agenda.

We also have some great speakers at our spotlight sessions and I am happy to be moderating the aluminum session. Randy Goodman of Greenland America will be moderating the copper session and Jim Lawrence of AMM will be moderating the Nickel and Stainless session. Thanks to everyone who will be participating. I look forward to seeing everyone in the Big Easy.

Matthew Kripke
Nonferrous Division Chair

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