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Reverse Logistics Proving to be a Key Part of Electronics Recycling Industry

Reverse logistics is a critical part of the electronics recycling business model where products are being repaired or refurbished, extending their useful lives before being recycled.

Reverse logistics is not a new concept but it is becoming integral in many manufacturers’ and retailers’ business models. Everyone from Wal-Mart to Apple is utilizing better reverse logistics to recover value from returned, recalled, defective, and used products. This element of the supply chain is making companies more sustainable as well as profitable.

At the Reverse Logistics Association’s meetings last week in Las Vegas, ISRI participated in a panel discussion on how extending the life of an electronics product made both good business as well as environmental sense. ISRI was joined on the panel by Home Depot, Acer Computers, and SourceAmerica. Each panelist provided a glimpse into how their respective organization has utilized reverse logistics to shore up the bottom line and create jobs, and protect the environment. Additionally, statistics were presented illustrating how the millennial generation value these types of initiatives in purchasing and employment decisions. For electronics manufacturers, retailers, and refurbishers, recovering the enormous value in these products is enabling each to reap the financial rewards of the sustainability movement while providing additional services such as secure data destruction and product repairs, upgrades, and refurbishing. There will always be a need for final recycling of these electronic products but everyone is realizing the tremendous economic and environmental value of utilizing reverse logistics to grow business.

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