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Pacific Northwest Chapter Presents Legend Awards

ISRI’s Pacific Northwest Chapter recognized two past members as legends of the scrap recycling industry during its’ Winter Meeting.

Jim Dukart andJay SternoffJay Sternoff, formerly of Sternoff Metal Corporation, past chapter president and past national board member, and serving over 44 years in the scrap recycling industry received the living legend award. Jim Dukart, formerly of Oregon Tractor, who served as chapter secretary, treasurer, vice-president, and president, and was instrumental in bringing a number of current members to the chapter received the Memorial Legend Award.

March1LUJaySternoffLegendAward250Jay Sternoff, served on the National Board of the Institute of Iron & Steel as the Chapter President twice in the 1980’s and then again after the merger with the National Association of Recycling Industries to form ISRI, Jay served as the Chapter President in 2010. Jay has been a strong proponent of the scrap recycling industry. He was active as a lobbyist for the chapter for many years in Washington State. Additionally, Jay has been involved in state and national politics serving as the Co-Chair of Youth for Robert Kennedy’s run for President. Married with two daughters, Jay retired from politics and the scrap industry, making his home partially between Hawaii and Washington State.

March1LUJimDukartFamilyLegendAward250Jim Dukart, born in Alberta, Canada in 1945, moved to Portland in 1954 and served in the Vietnam War in 1965. Married to Pat and having four boys, started his career as the co-owner of Murray Auto Parts and Towing and continued as a sales representative for Oregon Tractor up to his unfortunate death in 2015. Jim played a very important role in Pacific Northwest Chapter of ISRI. Jim was introduced to ISRI when the chapter hosted a vendor and consumer night at one of the regular meetings. Jim came with flyers and door prizes. Vendors were allowed to join as associate members and Jim eagerly joined under Oregon Tractor. He became involved right away as part of the membership committee; very persistent in getting many to join as he felt it was very important for everyone to get to know each other in the industry. Jim went on to serve as secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president. Jim was very innovative and brought new ideas to the chapter, including educational benefits to the meetings. Jim also pushed to establish the Pacific Northwest chapter scholarship fund. The Dr. Leonard E. Schntizer memorial scholarship fund awards four $1,000 scholarships per year to dependents of employees in the chapter. Jim became the scholarship chairman and helped with many fundraisers (mostly golf) to get the fund started.

Congratulations to Jay Sternoff and the family of Jim Dukart for their awards and thank you for their service to the Scrap Recycling Industry.

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