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Real Work Done at Virtual Board Meeting

ISRI held its Winter Board and Governance Meeting over several weeks in January and February, using webinar and teleconferencing tools to reduce costs both for the organization and for participating members.

The virtual committee, division, and task force meetings culminated February 10 with the board of directors voting on several agenda items, including approval of the minutes of the board’s November 3 and November 5, 2016, meetings and of the Finance Committee’s investment statement. In addition, the board approved the following measures:

  • Clarify the intent that vehicles be removed as potential stolen articles from the ScrapTheftAlert system, including vehicle descriptions, VINs, and other details;
  • Update selected position, policies, and guidance documents;
  • Include in ISRI’s Scrap Specification Circular new specifications for glass and inbound mixed recyclables for materials-recovery facilities;
  • Change the SREA report ordering season to April 3 through May 30, effective in 2017 and thereafter.

Representing the Leadership Committee, Mel Wright of Wright’s Scrap Metals announced three directors-at-large nominations for the 2017-2019 term: Colin Kelly of Schnitzer Northeast and David Borsuk of Sadoff Iron & Metal Co., both for renewed terms, and Adam Dumes of Cohen Recycling. Nominations will remain open until the board meets in New Orleans in April during ISRI2017.

ISRI Chair Mark Lewon invited participants to send feedback and recommendations about using the teleconference and webinar format for the board and governance meetings in the future. He announced the Fall Board and Governance Meeting would be moved from mid-October to November 5–8 at the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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