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Group Health Insurance Options for ISRI Members

Did you know that an additional benefit of your ISRI membership is the ability to obtain a free no-cost, no obligation individual or group health insurance quote?

ISRI has partnered with Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants to offer a variety of insurance options to members.

If your company has a minimum of two employees, you can enroll in a group plan at any time throughout the year. There are no Open Enrollment Periods.

Unlike Individual Policies, PPO are available under Group Policies in most states which will allow in and out network benefits. Therefore, you can go to any doctor or hospital. Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants has the following options for ISRI members:

Individual Policy

  1. The Open Enrollment Period for anyone wishing to apply for an Individual Policy has ended January 31, 2017. Therefore, you are unable to enroll in a health plan unless you have a Qualifying Event (ie, involuntary loss of other health coverage, marriage, becoming a US Citizen, permanent move to another state).
  2. Short Term Policy – if you missed the Open Enrollment deadline you don’t have to be uncovered, consider Short Term Medical Insurance to help bridge your coverage gap until the next Open Enrollment Period.

For more information, contact Ed Stercaek with Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants at (800) 349-1039.

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