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Got an idea for a workshop or webinar? We want to hear from you! ISRI’s Live Learning Center is the place where members can log on to hear about issues influencing the recycling industry.

Throughout the year we’ll be running webinars on a host of topics ranging from current events to commodity issues to safety to leadership and management issues. Each webinar is recorded and placed in our video archive so you can watch it at your convenience. This members-only resource was developed with you in mind so you can leverage this information right away.


March 1, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Adding Plastic Film to Your Commodity Stream

Plastic film is a valuable resources that has gotten a bad “wrap”. The material is being recycled and marketed very successfully by many recyclers across the globe. The recovery rate for post-consumer plastic film has only gone up and according to a January 2016 report published by the American Chemistry Council, reached 1.17 billion pounds. Of this amount, 45 percent was recycled domestically with the remainder being exported. With so much film being recovered, adding this material to your commodity stream may be a good fit. But where do you start?  How do you determine what markets you should enter and what types of film should you recover?  This session is a beginner’s guide to recycling plastic film and will help you understand the markets, the material and how best to handle it. If you’re looking for a material to add to your commodity stream, this webinar will help you determine if plastic film is it.

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