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E-scrap recycling has the potential for a wide variety of occupational exposures particularly because of the use of manual processes. But engineering, work practice, and administrative controls can successfully reduce employee exposure to occupational hazards.

 Here are some recommendations to help ISRI e-scrap recycling members protect their employees from occupational hazards while maintaining an efficient operation:

  1. Initiate employee air sampling and area sampling.  You can utilize a third party firm or do it yourself.  Review the results to see if any of OSHA’s lead standard, or  cadmium standards apply to your operation
  2. Conduct a noise survey at your facility.  Are your employees exposed to loud noises over a significant period of time?  If so, you may need to review OSHA’s hearing conservation program to see if it applies to your facility operation.  You will need to  provide hearing protection in areas with noise levels at or above 85 decibels for more than 8 hours as well as
  3. Whenever possible utilize wet methods for cleaning or use a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.   Do not dry sweep. Dry sweeping can kick up dust that contains air contaminants.
  4. Install a clean locker room area for employees to store personal items and food.
  5. Design work tasks and workstations to reduce bending, lifting, and other postures that do not allow employees to work efficiently and comfortably.

Questions? Contact isrisafety@isri.org

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