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Reporting on Job-related Injuries and Illnesses Now Due

Attention ISRI members…it’s that time of year again. OSHA requires covered employers to post their OSHA Form 300A from February 1 through April 30 each year.
Form 300A summarizes job-related injuries and illnesses during 2016. Employers should post the form in a common area (break room, cafeteria) where notices to employees are usually found.

Employers with 10 or fewer employees and those in specific low-hazard industries are exempt from federal OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping, including the Form 300A requirement.

No injuries in 2016?  You still have to post Form 300A and fill it out to reflect that you didn’t have any injuries.

What’s required on the form? The total number of:

                -              deaths

                -              cases with days away from work

                -              cases with job transfer or restriction

                -              other recordable cases

                -              days away from work

                -              days of job transfer or restriction

                -              injuries

                -              skin disorders

                -              respiratory conditions

                -              poisonings

                -              hearing loss, and

                -              all other illnesses.

You’ll also have to record the annual average number of employees and the total hours worked by all employees last year. OSHA has a worksheet if you need help calculating those numbers.  The recent rulemaking which requires certain employers to electronically submit the injury and illness information in July, 2017 does not impact or change the posting of their OSHA Form 300A.

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