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Chair’s Message

Over the past month I have had the opportunity to participate in ISRI’s Virtual Board Meetings. Specifically, the MRF Council, Paper Division, Plastics Division, and Membership Committee meetings.

These meetings highlight one of ISRI’s core strengths – that is, the ability to network, discuss, and help chart the course for the industry. As Chair of the Plastics Division, I have seen this take shape over the last several months as Division members have made incredible strides in shaping the plastics recycling industry. Just consider what we’ve accomplished so far in the development of plastic scrap specifications. We’ve harmonized more than a dozen post-consumer plastic specifications with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, removing a major hurdle in the buying and selling of post-consumer scrap. Further, we’ve developed scrap specifications for auto-bumpers and are now engaging in comprehensive PVC scrap specifications. And a special thank you to our great staff at ISRI, including Jonathan Levy, for helping to push the agenda along. During each of these projects, members with insight and expertise are lending their voices to craft these specs. Our specs committee is a very fluid and dynamic group, with members joining in and stepping back as needed. Throughout it all, members are sharing and learning from one another.

We’re also crafting online learning opportunities as we’ve hosted webinars to look at degradable additives, market conditions, and other topics.  These learning opportunities will only become more frequent and stronger in the months ahead. 

And, we’ve started down the long road of drafting and re-framing existing policy statements that impact our segment of the industry. We recently lent our voice to the amending of ISRI’s Paper and Plastic Bag Policy, adding strong language to keep plastic film out of the curbside bin and endorsing retail and other takeback programs. We’re now developing a policy on degradable additives, lending our voice to this debate and letting stakeholders know where we stand on the issue.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds and how we meet the ever changing dynamic of the plastics recycling industry. I hope to hear from you and what you want to see from our Division. This is an open process and I encourage you to get involved and lend your voice to what we can accomplish together.

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