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Cutting-Edge Sessions Headline ISRI Plastics Summit

ISRI’s Plastics Operations and Business Summit is the gathering place for cutting edge conversations about the plastics recycling industry.

Held in conjunction with ISRI2017, the Plastics Business and Operations Summit is a two day comprehensive conference for plastics recyclers interested in networking with their peers and learning about issues impacting the plastics recycling industry.

The Summit kicks off with a super session “The New Energy Boom and How It Impacts the Profitability of Scrap Plastics,” April 25 that will explore the intersection between the energy, virgin, and recycled resin markets. As the interplay between these markets rely on and influence each other, recyclers can’t afford not to stay abreast of current events. Joel Morales, IHS, will discuss the energy and virgin resin markets and how they affect each other. Nina Butler, Moore Recycling Associates, will discuss the recycled resin markets and will use Mr. Morale’s presentation as a way to explain how recycled resins are affected by the energy and virgin markets. Mylinda Jacobsen, Envision Plastics, will then show how plastic recyclers withstand these markets and make appropriate decisions.

At the “Improving Plastic Quality by Implementing a Bale Audit Procedure” session on April 25, attendees will get real world training by learning the importance of bale audits and how it can improve the quality of the bales you produce. Stephen Alexander, Association of Plastic Recyclers will discuss the issue of bale quality and how it influences the entire value chain. Jon Stephens, Avangard Innovative will step attendees through the bale audit procedure and how to implement a procedure in your facility.

A major feature of the Summit this year is the participation of the Society of Plastic Engineers Sustainability Division. As a premiere content provider, SPE will bring its technical expertise to sessions that will explore topics such as “Integrating Unconventional Fillers in Plastics Applications, “Recycling Auto Bumpers,” and “Getting Your Recycled Resins Approved in the Automotive Industry.” These sessions will leverage the technical expertise of their membership and give participants insight into the technical aspects of plastic recycling.

A full schedule of workshops being held at the Plastics Operations and Business Summit can be found at ISRIConvention.org. Whether you’re new to plastics recycling or an experienced veteran, you can find a session and networking opportunities that will help you increase your operations, maximize your profitability, and give you technical information you can leverage immediately.

For more information, contact Jonathan Levy at (202) 662-8530.

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