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Executive Order Halts Surface Transportation Board Actions

President Trump's executive order to halt all agency rulemakings, grants, and other actions has frozen the Surface Transportation Board's unfinished proposals including to revoke the exemption for ferrous steel scrap.
ISRI filed comments last year supporting this proposal to provide remedies to address poor service or excessive charges for captive rail shippers who ship ferrous scrap. Following the long awaited reforms passed by Congress last year, the Surface Transportation Board proposed revoking the rail exemptions on several commodities (The exemptions prohibit captive rail shippers such as scrap processors many of dispute remedies afforded to non-exempted rail shippers). The legislative reforms passed last year also include expanding the board's membership and the public assistance offices as well as allowing state attorneys general to bring cases against railroads. The executive order will only effect the existing rulemakings such as the revocations and the paper barriers rules. However, the STB will not immediately address these rules until all the STB commissioners have been nominated and confirmed. This situation likely delays the outcomes of these rules for several more months as nominees are proposed, vetted, and confirmed. ISRI will continue working with the coalitions seeking implementation of last year's reforms to ensure our interests are being heard. For more information on the recent executive order or the status of the Surface Transportation Board's reforms and rulemakings, please contact Billy Johnson.

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