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ISRI Extends its Global Outreach at International Electronics Recycling Congress

ISRI again attended the International Electronics Recycling Congress in Salzburg, Austria last week to continue our efforts to strengthen relationships with European and other global electronics recyclers, provide the U.S. perspectives, and discuss the future of electronics recycling especially considering the constant and faster innovation with electronic devices.
Repair and reuse of electronics was a topic in most of the workshops focusing on the safety and removal of lithium-ion batteries. Other important topics included reverse logistics, transportation safety, new sorting techniques, and technologies emphasizing more optical sorting for plastics. Reuse and repair has grown as a top-tier issue with more calls for manufactures to design and build their devices to be repaired to extend their useful lives. The repair and reuse topic was also widely discussed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Finally, there were discussions about the role of standardization to improve global recycling operations and protect workers and the environment as well as the difficult challenges with finding markets for used CRT glass throughout the world as the electronics industry changes its materials. We will continue to address many of these topics at the ISRI Convention in New Orleans this April. For more information about ISRI’s electronics or international programs, please contact Billy Johnson or Adina Renee Adler.

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