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Congressman Will Hurd Visits ISRI Member Monterrey Iron

Congressman Will Hurd visited the Monterrey Iron and Metal facility last week to learn more about the scrap recycling industry and discuss issues such as NAFTA, rail transportation, metal theft, and environmental regulations.

Jan25MonterreyIronAndMetalVisitMr. Hurd is in his second term and is considered a rising star in Congress. His interests are with trade and border security. His visit to understand the impacts of regulations on the industry and constituents specifically is an excellent example of an opportunity to build a strong relationship with a member of Congress.

When policymakers visit facilities to discuss important issues with constituents, they pay particular attention to ways they can help those constituents as well as learn more about the industries. This is vital since when a problem does occur, the Congressman is already familiar with the industry, the constituent, and the issue, making the chances of success much greater. A special thanks goes to Jordan Vexler for making this visit happen. If you would like to schedule such a visit with your member of Congress or need help preparing, please contact Billy Johnson.

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