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ISRI Works to Advance Composites Recycling

Last week, ISRI participated in a recycling panel at the Composites Executive Forum sponsored by the Advanced Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA).

ACMA and ISRI have been working together since ACMA approached ISRI more than two years ago for assistance on composite recycling. ACMA is seeking to improve recycling of both byproduct composites from manufacturing operations and obsolete composite-based products. ACMA presented at ISRI’s Winter 2016 Shredders Committee Meeting and invited ISRI to participate in the recent Composites Executive Forum. In its panel presentation, ISRI discussed its positions on recycling and markets and Design for Recycling®, identified factors that favor or impede recycling, and suggested ways to move forward on composites recycling via the existing recycling infrastructure. ISRI expects that composites will make significant gains in material selection by the automotive and other durables sectors and is working to position the recycling industry favorably to this likelihood. At the upcoming ISRI 2017 Convention in New Orleans, a workshop on the future of composites in manufacturing is scheduled at 11:15 am, April 27, 2017. For more information about composites, please contact David Wagger, Chief Scientist/Director of Environmental Management, at (202) 662-8533.

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