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ISRI Staffers Get Guided Yard Tours from Members

Several members of ISRI’s staff toured three Baltimore scrapyards last week and received an intensive and multifaceted tutorial on operations.
Staffphoto_Dec2016The all-day outing took the staff first to Vangel to learn about paper recycling and secure data destruction, then to Emanuel Tire to observe sorting and processing technologies as well as sales operations, and finally to United Iron & Metal, a member of the Atlantic Recycling Group, where President Aaron Hill showed the ISRI staffers an automobile shredder in action—and where end-of-life Metro subway cars go for dismantling. These staff tours are an important way to both educate ISRI staff about the scrap recycling industry and appreciate the important activities the industry performs every day. ISRI staff attempt to visit as many ISRI members as possible to learn about their unique operations, offer assistance, and build those important relationships between ISRI staff and ISRI membership that help provide more value to the membership. If you are interested in hosting a tour of your facility, contact Billy Johnson at (202) 662-8548.

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