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Establishing Safety Goals for the New Year

With the holidays and the end of the year approaching, now is the time to reflect on the previous year’s activities to appreciate successes and comprehend where improvements need to be made.

Take time to understand where you’ve been and how that measures up to the goals of the coming year. Study the list of safety goals from the current year to understand which goals were met and which goals need to be re-examined or re-evaluated. Reflect on progress made and continue that progress. Carefully study the goals that were not met, understand why they were not met, and whenever appropriate re-establish safety processes and safety procedures to make the goals achievable. Whereever goals were met or exceeded, then new goals need to be established. Some questions to ask your team:

  • Have all the regulatory requirements for your industry been met? (injury & illness reporting, emergency plan drills)
  • Have the required annual reviews been completed? (lockout/tagout, bloodborne pathogens and permit required confined space)
  • Have all the required employee training needs been completed? (emergency procedures, occupational noise exposure, respiratory protection)
  • Have new hires completed all the required training, both safety and operational?
  • Have the new GHS requirements for Hazard Communication been met?
  • Are your safety data sheets (formerly MSDS) up to date and are they updated to the revised GHS Hazard Communication Standard? (be sure to have a process in place logging updates to your safety data sheets)
  • Do we have the proper signage and markings on equipment? (signs and labels indicating danger, warnings, and caution)
  • Are all the warning labels legible on equipment? (danger, warning, or caution signs are not blocked from view, rubbed out, warn, or faded)
  • Are employees trained for fire emergencies, weather-related emergencies or workplace violence?  Do employees know where to go in the event of evacuation and what to do when they get there?

Make your goals attainable. Remember to consider time and resources for your entire safety program including special projects and/or short term remediation.  And ensure your safety program has proper allowances to be successful.

For questions about ISRI’s safety resources, contact Terry Cirone at (202) 662-8529.

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