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This Week’s ISRI Webinars Focus on Anti-Trust and Running a Meeting Properly

This Week’s ISRI Webinars Focus on Anti-Trust and Running a Meeting Properly

Understanding Anti-Trust Issues For You and Your Company

Thursday, December 8, 2:00 p.m. ET

The purpose of anti-trust rules is to promote competition and the competitive process amongst members of the same industry. But just what are the rules and how are they applied? When in a gathering of industry colleagues what can you talk about and what should you stay away from? The purpose of this webinar is to help you work through these issues and keep yourself and your company compliant with relevant anti-trust regulations. Anti-Trust compliance is not just for when you’re gathering at an ISRI meeting, it applies any time you are gathered with other members in your industry.

The speaker, Andrew Bigart is a Counsel with Venable. Mr. Bigart's practice focuses on anti-trust and consumer protection law, anti-money laundering and economic sanctions, and business counseling. As such, he is well suited to discuss these issues and help participants understand how to stay within compliance.

How to Run a Better ISRI Meeting by Using Robert’s Rules Light
Friday, December 9, 1:00 p.m. ET

Running a meeting can sometimes be a daunting challenge: How do you keep order when everyone has something to say? What about times when a topic comes up for a vote and it is amended, and then re-amended? How do you keep track of the order and which one takes precedence? Fortunately, Robert's Rules has this all worked out and by following this system, you’ll not only be able to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly, but that everyone has the chance to have their opinions heard.

This webinar led by ISRI’s General Counsel, Tom Casey, will help familiarize you with Robert’s Rules, as well as provide guidance with navigating tricky situations. Get your questions answered and feel more confident with running a meeting.

To register, visit ISRI’s Live Learning Center. For more information, contact Jonathan Levy at (202) 662-8530.

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