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ISRI’s Plastics Business and Operations Summit Expands Programming

ISRI is proud to announce that in cooperation with the Society of Plastics Engineers Sustainability Division (SPE/SD), ISRI’s Plastics Business and Operations Summit will host three workshops focusing on the automotive industry and how to use cellulose and crumb rubber as a filler for plastic materials.

This advanced automotive track is for plastic recyclers that are seeking to work closer with the automotive industry. SustainabilityLOGODec7LUSPE/SD’s core focus is to help engineers and designers foster the advancement of technology in the development of sustainable plastics as a valuable raw-material resource. The sponsoring of these workshops will allow ISRI to cater to a portion of the plastic value chain vital to the design and integration of recycled materials. With this addition, plastic recyclers will be given new networking opportunities to discuss issues regarding the use of recycled plastics as a key feedstock for the manufacturing sector. SPE/SD’s contributions as a content provider for ISRI’s Plastics Business and Operations Summit, allows ISRI to take another leap forward in serving as the primary source of education for the plastics recycling industry.

PBOSummit-01In addition to these three courses, the Plastics Summit will host a comprehensive and wide ranging discussion on the synergies between energy, virgin resin production, and recycled resin pricing. The integration of these three seemingly distinct markets is a key dynamic which impacts the buying and selling of recycled resins. This workshop, “The New Energy Boom and How It Impacts the Profitability of Plastic Recycling” will be hosted on Tuesday, April 25. Other workshops being held over April 25, 26, and 27 will focus on how to perform a bale audit, how to identify plastic resins, and a focus on EPS and its use. A full schedule of workshops being held at the Plastics Operations and Business Summit can be found at ISRIConvention.org, and clicking on the “workshops” link at the top of the home page.

For more information on ISRI’s plastics outreach and development, please contact Jonathan Levy at (202) 662-8530.

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