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Next Week’s Webinar Discusses Distracted Working and Cell Phone Policy Implementation

Next Friday, ISRI will present a webinar featuring Mark A. Lies with Seyfarth Shaw LLP that will discuss distracted working and cell phone policies, and cover the potential liability issues under OSHA that can occur while using cell phones improperly within the workplace.

Distracted Working and Cell Phone Policies
Friday, December 2, 2:00 p.m. ET

We all know the hazards of driving and talking on the cell phone at the same time. But lesser known are the hazards of being distracted at work by talking on the cell phone. Use of cell phones can create hazards while operating machinery, working with flammable and explosive materials, and while performing certain other activities. This little explored but very real hazard can be the cause of avoidable accidents and mishaps.

The webinar will also demonstrate:

  • How to conduct a job hazard assessment to identify such hazards;
  • How to develop a compliance program to address this hazard;
  • How to conduct training, including addressing language barriers and literacy issues;
  • How to enforce a compliant program with discipline; and
  • How to respond to OSHA inspections when there are cell phone issues

To register, visit ISRI’s Live Learning Center.

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