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Mid-America Chapter Gets Post-Election Outlook at Fall Meeting

During the Mid-America Chapter’s Fall Meeting last week, ISRI’s Billy Johnson presented “Electoral Dysfunction vs. Post Mortem,” a recap of the recent elections and what they may mean to the U.S. scrap recycling industry.
Billy provided the impacts to the industry from the Congressional elections especially with regard to recycling’s priority issues and the key committees. He also illustrated the next phase of leadership elections within the Congress and each party for many of the committee chairmen and ranking members. Since the Republicans retained control of both houses of Congress, several important retirements occurred, and the Republicans maintain term limits on committee chairmen, ISRI will be refining its strategies for addressing our issues, identifying and recruiting additional industry advocates, and populating the Recycling Caucus. Billy also explained some of the nuances of the transition to a Trump Administration and how issues such as tax and regulatory reform as well as trade might be approached. Billy focused everyone’s attention to Speaker’s Ryan’s blueprint, “A Better Way,” as a good roadmap the Republicans in the House will pursue and try to persuade President Trump to adopt, especially regarding tax and regulatory reform. Billy urged everyone to begin reaching out to their elected lawmakers about the industry and consider joining ISRI’s Industry Advocates Program to help advocate on behalf of the industry. For more information about the Industry Advocates program contact Billy Johnson.

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