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California Approves Plastic Bag Ban

Californians voted to approve the statewide plastic bag ban originally passed in 2014.

Proposition 67 upholds 2014 California SB 270, prohibiting stores from providing single-use carryout bags and requiring a minimum $0.10 price for recycled paper, reusable, or compostable bags. It also sets manufacturing specifications, 3rd-party certification, and administrative fee requirements for reusable bag producers, and establishes minimum recycled material amounts for recycled paper bags. The law was put on hold in February 2015 after sufficient signatures were submitted to qualify the referendum.


Proposition 67 won 52 percent of the vote; another referendum impacting the bag ban, Proposition 65, failed with only 45 percent of the vote. Proposition 65 would have required money collected from the sale of recycled paper, reusable, or compostable bags be redirected to a special fund administered by the Wildlife Conservation Board for environmental protection and grants.


For more information, contact ISRI’s Legislative Analyst Justin Short at (202) 662-8522.

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