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Metals Recycling Day Established in China

Yesterday, China Nonferrous Metals Recycling Association (CMRA) leaders invited ISRI Chair Mark Lewon to join the signing ceremony for the official proclamation, establishing November 8 as Metals Recycling Day, at the 16th annual convention of the CMRA.

A stated purpose of Metal Recycling Day is to raise the visibility of the industry and to dispel misunderstandings about the nature of metal recycling. 

The signing represented the coming together of 400 Chinese and foreign companies, related organizations, and the 30 million people that work for them. CMRA commissioned a piece of art made completely from scrap metal to represent the global nature of the metal recycling industry.

The CMRA noted that metal recycling can be traced back to ancient times, and the use of secondary metals in lieu of smelting ores is far better for our environment. They also cited the economic benefits of using recycled metals.

For more information about ISRI’s international efforts in China, contact Scott Horne.

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