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ISRI Calls for Permanent Exemption for Bulk Unlocking of Mobile Devices

ISRI recently submitted to the United States Copyright Office supporting a permanent exemption for mobile communications device unlocking as well as broadening the exemption to all types of mobile communication devices allowing lawful owners of these devices to use them with the service provider of their choice.

The comments were submitted in response to the Office’s Section 1201 Study, a part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).

In our comments, which are in line with the ISRI Unlocking Technological Devices Policy, approved by ISRI’s Board of Directors on October 23, 2013, state that we do not see any need to limit the types of mobile communication devices that can be lawfully unlocked, since new types of devices through innovation, will continuously enter the market place.

For more information, contact Billy Johnson.

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