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Expiration of Certain Paper Specifications Delayed

At the ISRI Fall Board and Governance Meetings this past week, the Board passed a motion to postpone the deletion of paper specifications News Grades #6, #7, and #8, and Mix Grades #1, #2, and #3 from December 31, 2016 to June 30, 2017.

This decision was made with the recommendation of the ISRI Paper Division which passed the motion unanimously after it was also approved by the Paper Stock Industries (PSI) chapter of ISRI.

The change was made at the request of membership to allow additional time for those in the industry who have contracts with municipalities and others that are based on the expiring specifications to make the necessary adjustments.

This decision does not impact any of the other paper specifications passed in April 2016 (grades #54, #56, and #58), at the time when these deletions were first approved. These along with the other paper specifications can be found on pages 26-38 of the Scrap Specifications Circular.

Contact Paper Division Liaison Mark Carpenter for additional details.

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