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MRF Council Deliberates on Inbound Scrap Specifications and Glass Specifications

ISRI’s newly formed MRF Council has hit the ground running and is working on specifications that will help the MRF community ensure their materials are recycled with higher quality and collected more effectively.

Two sub-committees, one dedicated to developing inbound scrap specifications and the other, working on MRF glass specifications will release a draft of their work to date at the November Board of Directors meeting. The Inbound Scrap Specifications Committee has developed a white paper that discusses the problems which MRFs are confronting as communities seek to expand an already extensive list of materials that are going into the curbside recycling bin. The paper will explain this situation from the MRF’s point of view and will help lawmakers understand how their actions ultimately affect the quality of the materials processed through a curbside collection system. The paper will also include a list of materials that should and should not be included in a curbside collection program. The MRF Glass specs committee is taking on the challenging task of developing MRF glass scrap specifications.  The MRF glass spec will help MRFs work with glass recyclers to market glass collected through a curbside collection program.

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